She’s here to hold space for rest, release, connection and grounding.

She’s also cool with Netflix and chill.

Welcome to Hedon House.

First and foremost, she (The House, she/her) is a container. She’s here to hold whatever needs to be held. In rest, in desire, in ritual, in vulnerability.

She’s a living installation space for artful intimacies with self or with others. She’s for playing nice. She’s for playing dirty. She’s for catharsis. She’s for staring blankly. She’s for slowing time.

She’s for hedonism, in more ways than you might expect.

Curated to bring together the mundane and the profane, each of our spaces is unique in terms of its aesthetic, energetics, and amenities. There are common themes running through each to create a sense of sisterhood shared between them; think lush bathing areas, brown leather, linen and velvet, botanicals, the sound of your feet on the floorboards.

Hedon House reflects a unique approach to the intersections of our earthly desires: sex, BDSM, food, bodywork, nurturance, indulgence, and survival. Veins, vines, water, fire, steel, wood, circles, lines, leather, smoke, magic, heartbeats, lashes, breath. Overflow, tactile and sensuous. Every Thing in its Right Place. Virgo rising, Taurus moon. Organised for indulgence.

The House is co-created by our team and our guests, whose energies and actions she holds and bears witness to. Every experience in the House is unique. All you have to do is show up.

How does this work?

Very well, thank you.

We offer a well-equipped, beautiful, clean and private space for people to explore all manner of somatic, psychological, sexual, and energetic experiences. We specialise in BDSM and kink play, but not everyone who comes here just does that. Or may not even do it at all. We invite our guests to turn up for the experience in front of you and stay open to what unfolds.

The service we provide is the hire of our space and everything in it. For more information about what this includes, you can explore our Sydney and Melbourne locations. Hire of our Houses is exclusive and private, and the only people there are the ones you invite.

You can just dip your toe in by visiting for a few hours, or you can spend a few consecutive days and nights soaking into every layer we’ve crafted to create each House. These places have so much love poured into them, and the longer you stay, the more you can feel it.

Still have questions?

Our Values


We built this space in a way that places a high value on rest. This is a political, personal and systemic value that offers a portal to a slower way of being.

What rest looks like is different for everyone. Rest might mean getting deep into the thick of a scene. Or foregoing the scene in the name of a lil’ nap. It might mean having clear information that helps you meet your access needs, or sleeping in a supportive bed. Whatever it means for you, we’ve designed these Houses to hold it.


We provide a safe space for our extended LGBTIQA+ family to safely explore their bods, dreams (or nightmares, for the psychodrama enthusiasts), and desires.

Of course we welcome everyone to visit the House. We just make the effort to put our queerest face forward because those signals of safety can be everything to LGBTIQA+ people, especially now.


The House and her keepers will care for you if you care for us. We run our business with care for the people, power, water, air and land surrounding it. We hold our guests to the same standards. To be in right relationship, take only what you need and remember that behind this whole project is a team of humans who deserve your care and respect.


Whatever gets you going is cool with us, as long as it isn’t hurting anyone who doesn’t want to be hurt. We cater for most types of play, but where you’re not sure whether your plans are the right ones for the space, you can always reach out. We’re non-judgmental freaks ourselves, and if we haven’t heard whatever it is before, we’ll be grateful for the opportunity to consider it!