So, how does this all work?

That’s a big question that could be answered on a lot of levels, but since this is an FAQ, let’s start at the bottom.

  • You can visit Hedon House for a couple of hours, a night, a few nights, even a week.
  • You can visit Hedon House alone, or with someone else, or with a few others. Each House has its own capacity limitations, which you can find out more about on their respective bookings pages.
  • Bookings generally require at least 24 hours’ notice – we’re not much of an impluse-buy thing! You can always try your luck,  but remember that we’re a small business with limited resources and we may not be able to accommodate a last-minute request.
  • Hire gives you access to everything that isn’t locked down, which includes a whole house fully equipped with house stuff and play stuff.
  • Hire is private. We don’t have on-site staff during your visit.
  • You can book and pay using our bookings page.

Questions about the Houses

Is this a room or a house?

Your hire includes the whole house. There may be some conditions on accessing certain spaces and equipment during shorter stays, but these are explained when you book. Rather than just hiring a room, like is often the case at professional dungeons who offer room hire, your visit to Hedon House gives you access to the entire house, making the experience more relaxed and spacious.

Where is Hedon House?

We have two locations:

  1. Gadigal lands in so-called Sydney, 4km south of the CBD.
  2. Wurjunduri Boon-wurrung lands in Naarm (Melbourne), 7km north of the CBD.

We don’t provide exact locations without a confirmed booking, but we can provide general information to help you to plan travel if you contact us.

Is it private?

Yes. You and any other guests on your booking are the only people on the premises at the time of your booking.

Is it clean?

You betcha. Our cleaning protocols are informed by best practice in preventing cross-contamination and a strong knowledge set in infection control. Where necessary to achieve this, we use hospital-grade cleaning products, engage in regular deep cleaning, and the boss has a hawk eye for detail.

We stock a combination of sanitisable and not-sanitisable items, and our Guest Guides, provided by email when you confirm your booking, tell you more about that and instruct you on how to handle our gear. You are also welcome to BYO your own gear, or buy items from our partner retailers.

If anything about the cleanliness of the space is not to the standard named above, we want to know about it.

What’s included in my hire? Do you have a [insert item]?

Each House has different contents, so the best way to find out what’s in the House is to check out its individual page. For the Sydney House on Gadigal land, head here. For the Melbourne House on Wurundjuri Woi-wurrung land, click here.

Can I come and visit the House before I book?

Unfortunately we can’t currently staff private tours, but we will host open house events a few times a year at each location. We do our best to provide the information you need here, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we invite you warmly to reach out! We are very happy to answer any questions that aren’t answered by our website or send photos of anything you’re looking for that isn’t pictured.

Questions about bookings, dates and payment

Who can book Hedon House?

Hedon House is for house-trained grown-ups. 18+ only please.

The space is open to people of all genders and sexualities. We sometimes get emails asking whether straight people can visit, because we put a queer face forward to signal that we’re safe for LGBTIQA+ people. We are by no means exclusive and we welcome everyone over 18 who can respectfully engage with our offerings.

How much is it?

Rates, booking instructions, and availability are all on the respective sites for each location.

How do I pay? Can i book with just a deposit?

You’ll be able to pay for your booking online when you use our booking system. Depending on how far in advance you book, you may be able to secure your booking with a 50% deposit. Bookings must be paid in full by 14 days before the booking start date. If you’re booking with less than 14 days’ notice, you’ll need to pay the entire booking fee up front.

While we are big supporters of the cash economy, due to our lack of on-site staffing during your stay, we aren’t able to accept cash payments.

What’s your cancellation policy?

It’s detailed here, and has provisions for COVID-19 illness to protect our staff and other guests.

The date I’m interested in isn’t showing as available on the calendar. What can I do?

We release dates 4 months in advance, because that’s how far into the future we can think in a world where nothing is certain. We are often booked out a few months ahead, but bookings change almost every day as people change and cancel. If you’d like to be waitlisted for a particular date, contact us. We can’t always accommodate this, but we try.

How many people can I have in my booking?

Each House is best suited to a 4-person stay as the House most comfortably sleeps 4. 6 is the maximum number that can be on the premises at a given time.

Can you host my event / party / four-or-morgy / bacchanalian ritual?

Hedon House is in a residential neighbourhood, so we can’t host parties or loud events. We can host some types of low-impact events, but they MUST be discussed with us in advance and may attract a deposit. If you’d like to run a low-key gathering of more than 6, please get in touch.

No parties.

Parties? No.

No parties. There are venues for that.

Can I book a service at Hedon House?

We’re not a brothel or a BDSM establishment, and we don’t have staff. Your booking at Hedon House is for the venue only, and does not include additional service provision of any kind. If you’d like to be referred to a service provider, educator or other sex-positive practitioner, let us know! We have a growing referral network we’re happy to connect you with.

What are my responsibilities as a Guest?

Your responsibility is to use the space with care and reverence, and to be in right relationship with the house. This means having respect for the space and the people who keep it. The instructions given to you in the house manual and at check-in are very clear, and we make every effort to ensure that you understand them. If you have difficulty taking in the information you provide to us, please let us know well ahead of your stay so that we can clarify in a way that works for you.

Your booking correspondence, the Guest Guide and any check-in information you receive forms part of the agreement between you and Hedon House. As outlined in our terms of hire, you will be liable to cover any costs associated with damage or extra cleaning time or materials resulting from your failure to follow the instructions given to you.

As recommended at the top of our bookings page, we ask you to read and understand our terms of hire and cancellation policy before booking.

Kink & BDSM Questions

I’m new to BDSM & kink / I’m vanilla and need some education. Can you help?

We are embedded in a community of professional BDSM practitioners, sexuality educators, consent educators, and other facilitators aligned with our way of doing things. They can work with you in the House or in other locations. Drop us a line with some information about what you’re looking for support with, and we’ll point you in the right direction!

How do you do butt stuff?

That’s a great question, and it really depends on the butt. There are lots of great resources out there, and if any of them tell you to use any types of numbing lubes or other such products, close them immediately and find another. Here’s our favourite cleaning-out resource (with the caveat that, if you choose to clean out at the House, you use our toilet – not our bath or shower).

If you’d like to get some private tuition from a butt expert, we know a few – just get in touch and we can refer you!